Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Today I...

Ate breakfast; chocolate chip muffins (thank you Mom, they were good!) and soakmeal (made by me. not the best. maybe I should use a recipe next time?) with orange juice. Milked the goat and watered the berry patch. Tidied the living room. Then Mom read aloud "The Story Girl" to us, while I knitted and sipped iced coffee. After that, I tidied the kitchen, while Mom and Jake made lunch. After lunch I cleaned up the dishes, and cleaned the kitchen. I checked my blog, and a sewing forum. Then I cleaned out a cabinet. The one we keep medicine in. I threw out tons of stuff. Throwing things out and bagging up stuff to donate are easy for me. I like to do it. I enjoy organizing stuff, usually. I helped Mom a little in making laundry soap, took pictures, and tidied some more. Dad got home from work, I helped Mom put a picture on a post, and I put some pictures on her sidebar. A little more kitchen tiding, making tea, then cleaning-out-and-organizing of the silverware drawer. I put butternut squash in the oven, and now am here typing, while sipping on peppermint iced tea. Timer's going off, got to go check the squash... It's not quite done. We will eat dinner and study in Genesis, then read in "The Swiss Family Robinson." Have a good evening!


Anonymous said...

Will you please clean my room for me?
Soooo, when did you find time to do school? :-) JK, you were SOOO USEFUL today! You had a busy day wthout leaving home.
Today I wokeup with a back-ache and could hardly move, did a n eensy bit of schoolwork, wrote a paper for a class (which is school, I guess), Rushed to the orthodontists office, rushed home, visited with cousins and gramma and grampa, had a piano lesson, rested, got ready for class, got picked up for class, went to class, came home, had dinner, then prostrated myself. That's pretty much it!

Andi said...

You are such an awesome daughter! I hope my girls turn out like you!

Ashley said...

Emmy, we sorta took the day off, since we were sick.

Andi, you are so sweet! Your girls are wonderful.