Monday, June 29, 2009

photography contest: still life

And here's the picture I'm entering in the Still Life category!

photography contest: portrait

Here is the picture I am entering in the Portrait category. It's of my little friend Lily at some friends wedding. She was the flower girl. Isn't she adorable?!


In the last week I have been tagged for more tags than I can count on one hand, lol! And I was tagged for this one THREE TIMES!

I was tagged by Lady Jess, then Hannah, then Caroline.
The rules: go into your 6th folder and select the 6th photo. This picture is from sooooo long ago, back when I had just gotten my Kodak point-n-shoot.

Ethan holding baby Sam.
I tag:
Hannah (from A Roaster's Daughter)
Elizabeth (from Quiet Streams)
Caroline (from Standing in the Sunlight)
and Moriah

Friday, June 26, 2009

photography contest

Hannah at Farmgirl in Flipflops is hosting a photo contest! I am excited to enter some of my photos. I'm (hopefully) going to enter one in each category, so watch for more posts! Here is the picture I am entering in the Nature category.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Saturday, June 20, 2009

a little robin...

waaaaaayyyy up there,

and bird's flying.

Friday, June 19, 2009

be brutally honest

And I mean it. :)

Anyways, I put up another poll, and would appreciate it if you would take 5 seconds from your already busy day to vote on some poll that doesn't even matter.

The End.

the pump house

Happy Birthday Pansy!

Wednesday was my friend Pansy's 16th birthday! If you're reading this, I just wanted to let you know I hope you had a wonderful day!
Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and, did you get your cheesecake??? i hope so!

another time waster

35 words

sam's lips

ain't he cute?

Thursday, June 18, 2009


I've been tagged by Faith. Here goes!

What mood are you in right now? Hungry :)

Why are you feeling this way? Because it's dinner time.

How many posts have you done? 175

Do you like Elranias horse,jewel? I think I would if I knew her.

What was the last thing you ate? Steak Salad

Is this your first tag? No

Do you have a blog signature? No

Do you have a blog button? Not yet.

When is your last day of school? We do "school" year round (sort of).

What do you plan to do on the last day? see above question

Are you going anywhere for summer? No. :(

What is the weather? Warm, blue sky, and sunny!

How many followers do you have? 26

How many comments did you get on your last post? 8

Were do you wish you were right now? On a beach.

What color is your hair and how long is it? Light brown, and almost in the middle of my back.

How many blogs do you follow? Too many. Actually, 45. Which is still too many. :-)

Who are the top commenter's on your blog? Honestly, I'm not sure.

How many blogs do you have? Two.

What are your favorite colors? All of them!

Are you watching a movie right now? Yes. Sort of. Night at the Museum.

Who is your favorite movie character? I don't know!

When was the last time you laughed? A few minutes ago. Sam was being cute. :)

How long do you spend on the computer each day? Sometimes 5 minutes, sometimes an hour.

Do you like to create tags or get them? I've never made one. I do like to get them sometimes.

Are you reading a book right now? my Bible, Hood by Stephen R. Lawhead, and The Jasmine Moon Murder by Laura Childs.

What is your favorite flower? Roses, I think.

Do you have any pets? Yes, almost 40 goats, 4 dogs, about 100 chickens, too many cats, 20 or so ducks, and the twins have 2 cockatoos.

Have you ever been in a school play? Yes, in the third grade.

What are you doing on your next post? Most likely posting pictures.

What is your favorite song on your play list? Okay Emmy, here's your chance to publicly jam me up for having an ipod but only having podcast's on it, and not having any music on it. *blushes* *goes to slug Em in the arm*

Who are you tagging now? Anybody who wants to be!

Monday, June 15, 2009

time waster

I just took this personality test. How rare is YOUR personality? Leave a comment telling me! Mine is "Somewhat Rare".

Your Personality is Somewhat Rare (ISTP)
Your personality type is reserved, methodical, spirited, and intense.

Only about 6% of all people have your personality, including 3% of all women and 8% of all men
You are Introverted, Sensing, Thinking, and Perceiving.
How Rare Is Your Personality?

Saturday, June 13, 2009

the results

So, 29 of you voted on my poll (well, it says 30 because I did too:). Now, can I get those 29 people to tell me in the comments what you voted?

Thursday, June 11, 2009

thank you Lord,

for your wonderful creation!

queen anne's lace

pretty chair

jasmine vine

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

blogger is at it again

they are starting to use words as word verifications. they did this a while back, and it's always so funny!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Friday, June 5, 2009

would you please?

I added a poll to my side bar. Please be sure and vote! Thank you!


I know, you're going "What is an ebelskiver?!?!?!?" Well, ebelskiver's are these yummy pancake puff things. We saw the Williams Sonoma pan, but it was way to expensive. Mom thought Bed Bath and Beyond might have one, so she and Dad went there one day. They got two ebelskiver pans for less than one WS pan would have cost! We love these puffy pancakes now. They are so easy, and soooo yummy! We have put fresh cherries, chocolate chips, and banana slices in the middle. They were all very yummy.

these are chocolate chip ones.

these pictures were taken of ebelskiver's i made. it was my first time making them. mom's look prettier. :)

handmade gifts

A dear friend of mine celebrated her 15th birthday in May. Her younger sister planned a surprise party for her. It was so sweet, and very fun! She had no idea, and when she walked in the door thought "The house looks pretty." Then we all jumped out and yelled "SURPRISE!" She set her bags down and was like "Hiii." It was funny. :D Anyways, this is what I made her.

The blue zipper pouch is made of 100% cotton; the outside (blue) fabric and the lining (white) both came from the remnant bin at Joann's. I used a 7in. white zipper, and some white pom-pom trim. I used the instructions in Bend the Rules Sewing. I love that book!

The pink ipod case I made from scraps; the outside is 100% cotton, a fat quarter, and the lining is 100% cotton (pink) flannel (from the remnant bin as well). I used Velcro squares to close it, and added a vintage blue button for decoration. I didn't use a pattern, just made my own. It turned out smaller than I wanted it, only big enough for her nano, and not ear buds. Next time I will do it larger.

Then I made some simple pink earrings. I think they turned out quite pretty!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Vintage Earrings Tutorial and GIVEAWAY!!!!

Vintage Earrings Tutorial and GIVEAWAY!!!!



princess hope

i imagine green fields, it being autumn again. a sweet four year old girl, with bare feet and blond hair. a pretty pink princess dress. blue sky. all the colors making a beautiful photo; green, pink, gold, blue. taking photos of princess hope. i can't wait.

Last night Andi's littlest girlie, Hope, wore a pink princess dress to prayer meeting. Hence, my thoughts turned to taking pictures of her in the fall.


Moriah awarded me. Thanks Mo! ;)
I pass it along to Lady Jess.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009