Monday, June 29, 2009


In the last week I have been tagged for more tags than I can count on one hand, lol! And I was tagged for this one THREE TIMES!

I was tagged by Lady Jess, then Hannah, then Caroline.
The rules: go into your 6th folder and select the 6th photo. This picture is from sooooo long ago, back when I had just gotten my Kodak point-n-shoot.

Ethan holding baby Sam.
I tag:
Hannah (from A Roaster's Daughter)
Elizabeth (from Quiet Streams)
Caroline (from Standing in the Sunlight)
and Moriah

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Hannah said...

Thank you Ashley for tagging me!
I have yet to do the tag, because the laptop I post on doesn't really categorize photos in files-ugh:).
I really LOVE your blog. Your photographs are amazing!
How is your mom's pregnancy coming along? My mom is pregnant too, and I am sooooo excited!
What part of Northern California are you from? My aunt lives in Auburn, and some of your pictures look like her property.
Have a wonderful day!
For Him,