Thursday, June 18, 2009


I've been tagged by Faith. Here goes!

What mood are you in right now? Hungry :)

Why are you feeling this way? Because it's dinner time.

How many posts have you done? 175

Do you like Elranias horse,jewel? I think I would if I knew her.

What was the last thing you ate? Steak Salad

Is this your first tag? No

Do you have a blog signature? No

Do you have a blog button? Not yet.

When is your last day of school? We do "school" year round (sort of).

What do you plan to do on the last day? see above question

Are you going anywhere for summer? No. :(

What is the weather? Warm, blue sky, and sunny!

How many followers do you have? 26

How many comments did you get on your last post? 8

Were do you wish you were right now? On a beach.

What color is your hair and how long is it? Light brown, and almost in the middle of my back.

How many blogs do you follow? Too many. Actually, 45. Which is still too many. :-)

Who are the top commenter's on your blog? Honestly, I'm not sure.

How many blogs do you have? Two.

What are your favorite colors? All of them!

Are you watching a movie right now? Yes. Sort of. Night at the Museum.

Who is your favorite movie character? I don't know!

When was the last time you laughed? A few minutes ago. Sam was being cute. :)

How long do you spend on the computer each day? Sometimes 5 minutes, sometimes an hour.

Do you like to create tags or get them? I've never made one. I do like to get them sometimes.

Are you reading a book right now? my Bible, Hood by Stephen R. Lawhead, and The Jasmine Moon Murder by Laura Childs.

What is your favorite flower? Roses, I think.

Do you have any pets? Yes, almost 40 goats, 4 dogs, about 100 chickens, too many cats, 20 or so ducks, and the twins have 2 cockatoos.

Have you ever been in a school play? Yes, in the third grade.

What are you doing on your next post? Most likely posting pictures.

What is your favorite song on your play list? Okay Emmy, here's your chance to publicly jam me up for having an ipod but only having podcast's on it, and not having any music on it. *blushes* *goes to slug Em in the arm*

Who are you tagging now? Anybody who wants to be!

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