Friday, June 5, 2009


I know, you're going "What is an ebelskiver?!?!?!?" Well, ebelskiver's are these yummy pancake puff things. We saw the Williams Sonoma pan, but it was way to expensive. Mom thought Bed Bath and Beyond might have one, so she and Dad went there one day. They got two ebelskiver pans for less than one WS pan would have cost! We love these puffy pancakes now. They are so easy, and soooo yummy! We have put fresh cherries, chocolate chips, and banana slices in the middle. They were all very yummy.

these are chocolate chip ones.

these pictures were taken of ebelskiver's i made. it was my first time making them. mom's look prettier. :)


Elizabeth said...

Oh these sound soooo yum! I have had little dutch pancakes once that were kind-of like this. Have a great day!

rainydaytoys said...

I have an ebelskiver pan but have only used it a couple of time. They are yummy!

vickychick said...

Yuummmmmmm! They make mymouth water. I like your blog