Wednesday, September 10, 2008

New Books!

I love books. Many of you know that, and many of you love books too. We received our Vision Forum package today! Jake bought a sword, and Mom bought some books for this school year. Two that we got are Famous Women of the Reformed Church, and Stories of the Covenanters in Scotland. They were both on my book wish list,but now I can check them off! Flipping through Famous Women, I saw the website where it was originally from. This site has so many good books! With authors like Calvin, MacArthur, Edwards, White, and many more. I kept going "Hey Mom! They have such-and-such book!" or "Mom, James White has a book called Pulpit Crimes! I want to read that." Books. You can't have enough.


Simply Stork said...

ohhh I would love to read some of those...I love books too :o)

now if only I was a better reader :o-

(thanks for stopping by and guessing my "what is it"...please come back and see if you were right :o)


Emmy said...

Sashy, you're so cute! I love books too! They are the most wondrous things! I am starting Frankenstein! Yikes!

Angela said...

Daddy just IM-ed me to go check out your blog. He says that you are so sweet! I agree.


Emmy said...

I agree one hundred percent, Mrs. Angela!

SimpleFolk said...

Hello Ashley,

Thank you so much for your sweet comments. I am honored that you would take the time to pray for me and I don't mind in the least answering your question. The problem is, I don't have a definitive diagnosis right now. We're waiting for more test results to come in, but my doctors are suspecting a neuromuscular or autoimmune disease of some sort. It's been a scary time, but I have grown in my faith and trust the Lord. Thanks again for stopping by. :-)