Thursday, September 4, 2008


Big Brown Eyes

more Sam

Gertrude and Gwyneth


Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures Ashley!

San is growing up so terribly fast!

Miss you dearest!


Anonymous said...

Sweet pictures!
How do you put text and pics in your header (or banner)? Or in your sidebar?

Ashley said...

Emma, thanks! You take beautiful pictures too. We will all miss you at chior!

Emmylou, click on edit header and there should be a box to put text into. With your template you may not be able to put a picture in your header. With mine it is all right there when you click on edit header. I tried using my own picture for my header, but it was too big and square. I found my header online. To put text in your side bar, or anything else, go from your dashboard to layout and hit add a gaget. My sense?

Sashy Beth