Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Tuesday Fun

My Dad has this whole week off, so we have been working around the farm. Yesterday the twins and I walked down the road to our great aunt's house, to find Jake, who had walked down there for something. He was just leaving, but the twins decided to jump off the bridge (don't be alarmed, it's not really a bridge. More like a very small over pass thing, dose that make sense?). Jake and I decided to try it, too. Once was enough for him. It hurt his back. But I was game to do it some more. Here are a few pictures for your enjoyment. :) (keep in mind we are only jumping about 6 1/2 feet down. It is not far at all.)

Twin #1. He is the one who started it. "Woo hoo!!!!!"

Twin #2. He was slow to actually jump, but when he did, he enjoyed it.

Me. I felt it would be more fun if I put my hands in the air. It sort of looks like I'm just floating down.

I'm not sure what Jake is thinking in this picture. How about "Oh no, oh no. What was I thinkiiinnnggg?!"

This is by far my favorite. Twin #1 is hilarious.


Andi said...

That last one is great! Looks like fun, but the mom in me says "be careful!" :)

Ashley said...

Don't worry. If I am with them, I MAKE them be careful. :-)

Preston and Krista said...

WAY COOL! wait until there is some water in there... then, go for it again! Hello and hugs to everyone. Thanks for sharing the fun! You guys are so CRAZY. :)
- Aunt K and Uncle P

Laurie M. said...

I love your photos. I set up to follow your blog, but for some reason it hasn't been showing the updates on my dashboard. So I came looking for you.

Ashley said...

PnK, no, we won't be jumping in water. No way! It would be so cold. Hi to you too!

Laurie, thanks! Ya, it dosen't show you as a follower. Thanks for looking for me. :-)

Emmy said...

When r u gonna look at Penny?
I wish I could come with you.

Moriah said...

I Wish I could jump. :]