Saturday, November 15, 2008


These are my Call ducks. I love them! They are so cute.
Calls are my favorite kind of duck. They are smaller than Mallards, and are often show ducks.
We have had many throughout the years. Now I have only one white duck left. Her name is Gwyneth. Or it might be Gertrude. You see, I had two white ducks left, and one got eaten, so now I just have one. I think it is Gwyneth, but I'm not sure. These pictures were taken in February 2008.


Lady Jess said...

Eaten? Did you eat it, or was it eaten by an animal?

SimpleFolk said...

I enjoyed my visit this afternoon. You are quite gifted when it comes to photography! I LOVE your photos. :-)
Have a lovely Thanksgiving!


Moriah said...

They are cute. Douse Sam like them?