Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Making Paper Chains

Perhaps the simplest of all Christmas crafts. Paper chains. Today the boys and I made lots of them. Although most of you probably know how to, I decided it would be fun to make a little tutorial of how to make them.

Cut a piece of construction paper in half. And yes, that is a baby foot and hand in the corner.

Fold one of the pieces in half. Crease.

Cut on fold. Yes, that would be the baby again. Why is his suit un-snapped?

Take a picture of your cute little brother.

Fold the cut piece in half. Crease.

Cut on fold.

Now you have strips of paper.

Glue (the messiest and prettiest way), tape, or staple (the easiest way, but you can see the staples) the strips together,

until the chain is as long as you want it.


Laurie M. said...

How is it you manage to make EVERYTHING you do look fun, tidy and artsy? Huh?

Lady Jess said...

That kind of ting is some much fun to do for a count down 'till Christmas. Make a 25 link long chain and every day take one off until Christmas. Also, I love making popcorn chains! (I have actually never made one, but it looks yummy, I mean fun, I mean yummy!

Bethany said...

That looks cool! I've never done that before!