Monday, February 2, 2009

new goats

On Saturday we went and picked up two new goats. They are Mini Nubian's. They are both due in March; we will have fresh goats milk again! I took some more pictures of when we got them, but I will share them later as I need to go make dinner.

This is Mini Bits.

Look at her belly!

Here is Butterscotch. Isn't she cute?


Simply Stork said...

so cute...I have always wanted often do you need to milk them to keep the milk supply up?


Miss Jocelyn said...

Oh I love Nubians! We have 10 right now. Yours are beautiful. :)

Miss Jocelyn

Bethany said...

They are beautiful!!!!! I love seeing goats. Oh, and goats milk sound good to.

Bethany said...

Oh, forgot to say that your tagged. Check out the instructions on my blog.

Laurie M. said...

They are lovely!