Saturday, April 25, 2009


The choir I am in participated in a choir festival today. It was fun! We were at a church from 8:45 am to 3:00 pm. Quite a long day! :) But we all had a great time. Fifteen of us did it (there are 18 in our choir). It was great hanging out with some girls (me being surrounded with brothers and all:). We range from eighteen to six, and I think that it's wonderful that we all can spend a day together, everyone getting along and stuff. It was funny changing into our performance clothes in the bathroom, with ten girls chit chattering away. We got a little loud at one point. :) After it was all over, Moriah, Faith, Abi and I were looking for our parents, and Moriah ran strait between a lady who was filming (for TV!) one of the choir directors and her choir! :D Abi and I decided to not go running on to television, and took a different route. Lol.

Now I sit here, worn out. Looking forward to church tomorrow, rubbing my aching feet (you wanted to know that, i know you did) and, um, typing!

and so, goodnight.

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Lady Jess said...

LOL! Wow, Moriah, you're gonna be famous now!
Dido, my feet were killing me!