Saturday, May 30, 2009


Hello there! It surely has been a long time since I posted anything worth looking at. How I have neglected this blog!

Over Memorial Day weekend I planted our 100 strawberry plants, and we all worked in the garden (pictures to come). We got almost all of the tomato plants in the ground.

Dad finished fencing off the front of our property this weekend. Our dog Sweetie doesn't stay in the goat pen where she belongs, but prefers to slowly walk around patrolling the property. We live on a fairly busy street, and even though she doesn't go in the road, there is that slight chance she might. Now we don't need to worry about her being out when we are gone. How many times we have come home and she has been laying in the front yard, with a look that seems to say "Isn't this where I belong, close to my people? Please, don't make me go back with those goats and my obnoxious brother."

Here are a couple photo's I took the other evening. I was experimenting with backlight (is that the correct terminology?) where the light is behind your subject.

Have a good evening,


Simply Stork said...

ooooh the two shots on this post are soooo pretty. What beautiful lighting :o)


Ashley said...

thank you simply!