Tuesday, July 14, 2009

popsicle quiz

You Are a Cherry Flavored Popsicle
You are sweet and friendly. For you, summer is all about doing your favorite things.
You are a nostalgic person. You love old fashioned things like ice cream trucks.

You savor everything. Every taste of summer, the feeling of the sun, the smell of the beach...
Of all the types, you love summer the most.
http://blogthings.com/whatflavorpopsicleareyouquiz/">What Flavor Popsicle Are You?


Moriah said...

I was cherry to.

Sarah E. said...

Hello Ashley,
I just wanted to tell you the reason that I stopped following your blog was because I follow so many. I will still look at your blog because I know the link!


Sarah E. said...

That's a cute quiz!