Saturday, August 1, 2009

hello all!

Sorry about the unintentional bloggy break. It was nice, but it's good to be back. July has come and gone, and here is August!
The Birthday season is past; all of us kids are a year older now! I'm 16, Sam turned 2, then Jake turned 14, and now Joe and Ethan are 9!
We've been enjoying fresh peaches and nectarines from Farmer's Market. Yum!
Our garden is starting to give us tomato's!!! I will post pictures soon.
We have started painting our living room, pictures of that to come too. And, we are having some remodeling work done, but our plumber woes are over I think. Gary, our contractor found some guy named Steve who seems to have staying power. :) A whole post on that to come.
I have some fun things I want to do on here this month, so, stay tuned! For now I will leave you with these ramblings that don't make any sense.

have a wonderful, sunny day!



Lady Jess said...

Nice to have you back! My sisters and I had been checking your blog every few days to find a sad empty blog :( It's a good thing I speak ramblings. Oh, well, glad you'll be back!

Laurie M. said...

I had no idea there'd been so many birthdays! I only knew about yours and Sam's. Happy Birthday to the big boys too then.