Saturday, September 20, 2008

Thrifting Finds

Today we (my whole family) went to town. We stopped at a few yard sales, then headed to the used baby clothes shop to get Sam some winter clothes. He just keeps growing! Anyways; after the baby shop we ate lunch at Chipotle. Yum! I hadn't been there in forever (we try to not eat out). After that we exchanged Jake's newest knife, then went to two thrift stores on the way home. I found quite a few things, some to put in my hope chest (which I will post about soon). Here's what I bought.

Six Corelle saucers, and six matching cups. I think these are so cute! They will go in my hope chest.

These are two vintage patterns. I think I will make several of these dresses and sell them on Etsy.

More vintage patterns. I was excited to find a boy's pattern, because to me they seem harder to find. I got all of the above patterns for 80 cents!

A Pyrex refrigerator dish [$5] and a cute (vintage?) hankie [10cents].

A 70's pattern [20cents]. I am not a fan of the 70's fashions, but I think this skirt will look cute.

Vintage plate and a metal embroidery hoop.


Christina said...

Oh goodness! Those dress patterns are so adorable! I can't wait to see them after you sew them!

Emmy said...

Those are sweet patterns! My dad wants me to start an entrepreneurial business. Maybe some day, you, Lulu, and I could join forces and start a business. Not like, a really long time from now, just a couple of years! :) I hope that made some sort of sense.
You found some good stuff at the thrift store! We aren't able to get a hope chest now, unless I find a really cheap one, but I'll get one some day. Let's hope before I'm twenty. :)

Ashley said...

Chrissy, I know, they are so cute!

Emmy, yea, I am going to (hopefully) start a watermelon and herb business next year. And an Etsy shop soon.
You know, a hope chest dosen't have to be big, fancy, made of wood and cost hundreds of dollars. Mine is an old army trunk. Not very ladyish! Yours could be a rubbermaid tote. Or just a big plywood box. I know what you mean, "before your twenty." Many people get married when their eighteen. So in reality, we don't have like ten years to go. :)
Hmmm, about going into business together. Well, I'll write you what I think about that.

Emmy said...

THe business thing was a half joke. :)
Um, I don't have ANY money right now. UGH! A PLASTIC RUBBERMAID BOX!!!! I'd rather not have a hope chest at all. The whole "romance" of the thing lies in the box itself, for me. I know, you're going to admonish me and say that some things have to be practical, and not everything HAS to be romantic. ;-)
I know it (about not having ten years to go), but then again, one of us could be like Sarah Mally and have to wait 'ears and 'ears. Maybe one of us will become a missionary to some country in the middle east. Who knows? *dramatic shrug of the shoulders*
Check your email if you haven't already! You probably have, if you're on the computer. Okay, shush now, Emmy!

Ashley said...

Yes, I know a rubbermaid tote is NOT romantic AT ALL. But hey, if you REALLY wanted a hope chest, you could setal for that. And yes, not all of us will marry in our teens, or early twenties. Many people don't. I was just 'sayin. Okay, I will go check my email.

Mia said...

Hello Ashley!
I just found your blog today from a link, and we seem to have alot in common! I'd like to invite you to please check out my blog at:
Oh, btw, I love your thrift store finds, I think the patterns are lovely!


SimpleFolk said...

Oh, I love your thrifting finds! When I was a young girl, I also had a hope chest and enjoyed every minute of filling it with treasures and finds. Mine belonged to my grandmother and is now at the foot of my bed with teeny tiny keepsake baby clothes and shoes from my sons. My, how the time does fly...

You mentioned Chipotle...we love that place! Like your family though, we don't eat out much (cost and quality of food) so I learned to make the chicken burrito bowls (my favorite) at home. We have them often and are not even tempted to eat them out now. :-)


Hannah said...

Everything looks nice! I love the skirt pattern. We used to have dishes like those cups and saucers! :)

carlotta said...

A little late, but I love your finds! We have the exact same dish at home - I use it *all* the time...