Friday, September 19, 2008


Sorry. I have been neglecting my blog. I have some things I want to say, but when I try and write them down, it never turns out how I want it to. Oh well. One of these day's I will actually blog stuff people want to read! Hopefully. So if I can't blog anything interesting, how about some links? And a cute picture of Sam. *smiles*

Free down-loadable antique clip art!

Vision Forum. A great website. Wonderful blog, and products.

Cherry Hill Cottage A crazy cute blog!

Daisy Cottage, another totally cute blog!


SimpleFolk said...


That Sam is a cutie! I have my own Sam and he's quite a character, too. As for blogging, just write what is on your heart. I'm sure the words will come together. :-)

I love to read about simple things and I also write about them. At first, I couldn't imagine anyone being interested in the bread I baked or the eggs I gathered, but yet I seemed to have readers. It was quite a shock! I think most folks just enjoy peeking into the daily lives of others.

I think your blog is a lovely place to visit. It's very peaceful!


Moriah said...

I love sam! Who dosent