Sunday, September 14, 2008

I have lurkers!

Yea, people really do read my blog! I told my friend Abby about my blog. I was not sure if she checked it very often. But it turns out she does! Yay, thanks Abby. And then my other friend, Abbie (yes, I know, I know a lot of Abb[y][ie][i]'s), also reads my blog. This info was given me via my friend Emmy. Okay, I need to stop rambling! So,

Hi Abby!

Hi Abbie!

And hi little Abi!


Amber said...

...And you have one more lurker! :) A very new lurker - but a lurker, none the less.

I guess I'm not a lurker anymore, now that I've commented, huh? Sniff. It's rough, loosing a status.

Okay, I'm in a goofy mood tonight. :) I'm really quite sane in real life.

Thanks for your recent comments on my blog. I like visitors, too! :)

Lord Bless,

Emmy said...

I like that pic of you and me in the bonnets! I know I have that one, but it's kind of blurry. :) It's really cute!
I was teasing you about the duck egg thing. I take pics of random stuff too. Like my own shadow. Or a rock.

Ashley said...

I have taken a picture of my shadow before! Hehe. See you Thursday...

Sashy (that's my nickname)

Ashley said...

I like the picture too, except it's kinda blurry. But that's okay. It is still cute!

Emmy said...

At first I was like, "huh? I know that Sashy' is your nickname! Then I realized you were saying that to other people!

Ashley said...

I like your new picture!

Simply Stork said...

I love them too...I know they are out there...I'm sure they, like me, just don't have anything to say :o)