Thursday, October 2, 2008

Chocolate Cake, High Heels, and Cleaning

No, I was not eating cake while cleaning and wearing high heels. But I could. :) This week has been busy. We are preparing to have a house guest and homeschooling meetings today and tomorrow.

Last week I made This Yummy Sour Cream Chocolate Cake with Fudgy Frosting. As if the cake part was. not. enough. Seriously, it was awesome. Then two weeks ago Mom and I went to Target, and I bought a pair of cute black heels. *squeal* Sorry, no picture. The Internet is being fussy.
What a beautiful morning! The sky is just starting to turn a lovely lavender blue peach color. I just love sunrises! A chilly breeze is winding enchantingly through the open windows. The birds are beginning to sing their songs, unlike the roosters who have been at it for hours! May God bless your weekend.


Emmy said...

Fun! I love high heels :-) I only get to wear them in the Monster Concert and things like that. :-(
Is that Mrs. C.'s chocolate chip coffee cake? Wait, no, it's a different one. That is my favorite sweet ever, I think! I always sneak extra helpings when anybody brings it to church! YUM!

Mia said...

Hi Ashley!
I wanted to let you know that you've been tagged! Please check out my blog for details :)


Preston and Krista said...

who's the house guest? if we come over is there any cake left. sounds luscious. It's raining here today, so no beautiful sunrise. We ate a rooster on Tuesday - boiled with its head and all. But no noises from the pot. Love to see the heels when the Internet cooperates.

Ashley said...

Hi Anunt K and Uncle P! How are you? That rooster sounds GROSS. Ick! The house guest was a lady who talks about homeschooling. Hehe, people might think I am crazy talking about sunrises at 1:51 pm.! But it wasn't really that time, it was about 7 am. I need to change that. Yea, I will post a pic of the heels. Nope, no more cake. :) How did you find my blog?

Emmy, someday you can wear heels. Then you can be taller than some o your friends! ;) Mattie is so tall, isn't she? She grew so much over the summer. Mmmm, Mrs. C's coffee cake is soooo yummy. I love it.

Moriah said...

I love your high heels! They are so cute!!

Preston and Krista said...

We are online at too - so you can see what we are up to and how we are doing (which is great, BTW and God is taking wonderful care of us). Don't know if your m&d share the e-mails we send your way or not. We have a ton of photos online too off our Web album. Nana reminded us about your blog one day. I think you told us at the pa'te in June. But we are old and forgetful. BTW...Nana needs a Web album at picasa too... so maybe you can help her set it up? Cheers!
- Aunt K