Thursday, October 30, 2008

the week's happenings

Monday: sleep deprived from staying up late on Sunday night. But hey, we just love to fellowship with y'all. Sleep deprivation is totally worth it. At least I think so.

Tuesday: the wood stove was supposed to be put in, but the parts hadn't arrived.

Wednesday: I finished my Arwen dress. Pictures to come...

Today: the wood stove was installed. Yay! Now for a fire tomorrow morning. Double yay! I went to choir, and Emmy did another braid. Thanks! Then Mom picked me up, and we went to JoAnn's. That is a dangerous place. Not only do you splurge when you see the Italian wool/cotton yarn, the cotton yarn, the baby yarn, and the Butterick patterns, all on sale, but you get yelled at by the old lady in the phone booth, um, I mean bathroom. And now I am sitting here typing away on the laptop, shivering. Shivering because it RAINED!!! For the first time in a long time. And it is cold again, after a rather warm spell. Perhaps Fall is here to stay? When will the roses on my rose bush wither, and not show their faces again till spring? When will it be Winter? Soon. Christmas is only 56 days away! Oh my! It seems as if yesterday it were January. As I get older, time flies faster, and faster... and I am not that old. :-) I should sign off. Good night!


Lady Jess said...

It is getting colder! I didn't realize that Christmas was only 56 days away! My goodness.

Andi said...

ROFLOL! (Roll On Floor LOL!) Yeah, you need to watch out for those old ladies!

Emmy said...

I like this one - FOL. ( flops over laughing) And this one - FOOFSWL ( falls over on floor shrieking with laughter)
Ray is trying to sit on me.