Friday, October 31, 2008

whir, whir, whir

That's the sound my sewing machine makes when it's in use. At least that is the nearest I can get to describing it. I have been sewing all day, when I wasn't sitting in the living room. We had our very first fire today! It is great. Albeit warm. Very warm.
Our costumes are all ready. We need to leave soon, so I better get ready. :-) I will post pictures of our costumes tomorrow, or Sunday. Happy Reformation Day!


Momma Bug said...

Can't wait to see that dress!

Hey, come to my blog and collect your award!


Anonymous said...

Hurry up with the posting of the pictures! *dances around like a crazy person*
Emmylou she iz gietting eempatient.
*speaking with either weird Middle Eastern accent or weird German accent - whichever you prefer*

Angela said...

You looked beautiful and did a wonderful job on your dress...and Jake's cape...and Joe's vest...and Ethan and Jake's head Thanks for helping your brothers.