Saturday, November 1, 2008

My Arwen Dress

For Halloween (Reformation Day) I was Arwen, from LOTR. Andi came over and helped me make the dress (thanks again!!!), and I did the silver sleeves and trim, and the hem on my own. Emmy made my crown. Isn't it marvelous?! Thank you bunches Emmy dear! We had a great time last night. I will post more pictures soon.

Joe (twin #1) and I. He was a cowboy. He always dresses like that though. :-)

Here's the dress. I used McCall's 4491, view D. Andi and I tried it with the gussets, but they sort of pooched out. So she took them out, and it looked better. My arm movement is limited without them, but I don't care. I will post better pictures when the rain stops and I can take some. Lol.


Laurie M. said...

That dress is beautiful! I wish I could go around like that every day, or even one day. Ah, but I must be content in the era in which God placed me :-)

Glad it came out so well and that you had a good time.

Emmy said...

Oh, it's lovely!!!!!!!! I didn't know you were going to do blue sleeves! It looks gorgeous. The way it flows looks just like Arwen's dresses.
Was dressing up like Arwen my idea??? I thought it was, but I can't remember.
You look absolutely STUNNING, Sashy, dear!
We'll be going to Jo-Ann's soon to get the fabric for my Susan dress! I'm so excited! It's going to be hard. *bites lip*
Once again, you look FABULOUS!!!
Will you pwetty pwease wear it to choir? Only if you want to, of course.


The word verification thingy says, "mollyina." That sounds like some sort of unique name, doesn't it?

Emmy said...

Meg, I bet my gramma could fix it so the gussets would work.

Emmy said...

Comment the Third (or is it the Fourth???):
At Handi-Riders a couple people dressed up, and I was like, "I'm a cowgirl!...But I'm kind of always a cowgirl..."

Ashley said...

Laurie, thanks! I wish it were more common to wear "old fasioned" clothes too. Then I wouldn't look so "weird" if I wore something like that to town.

Emmy, actully, the sleeves are silver. Silly goose. No, dressing up like Arwen was my idea. Then I asked you for ideas, and you sugested it. So I guess it was both our ideas. *smiles* I will maybe wear it to choir. I have been getting some odd word ver. things lately. One said "comeina". Weird! That does sound like a fancy-ish name or something. People are going to think we are strange, calling each other Meg and Jo, Rowena and Ivanhoe, and Sashy. *giggles uncontrollably* Yep, it was the fourth comment. :-)

Lady Jess said...

You all are crazy. ;) I love your crown, Ashley. Did you make that? I have a friend online who make costumes like that and sells them. Here is her site. Copy and paste.

Have you ever heard of her. She is good!

P.S. Why do you call it Reformation Day?

Lady Jess said...

Ohhh. Emmy made it. lol, sorry, didn't catch that part. It IS lovely. lololol

Hannah said...

The outfit is lovely! I really like that style :)

Barbara said...

Ashley, you are quite the seamstress. The dress looks lovely on you! I looking forward to seeing more of your creations in the future.

Ashley said...

Lady Jess, yes, I have heard of Breielle. I found her site through Jocelyn Dixion's blog.

Hannah, Thanks!

Nana, thank you!

Emmy said...

Lady Jess,
We call it Reformation Day because Martin Luther put up his 95 theses on October 31. :-)
WEEEEELLLL, Missy Sashy~Beth, the sleeves LOOK BLUE!!! *sticks tongue out*
It was the THIRD comment, I think. Lemme count...
Yep, third!

Emmy said...

Rowena, I think I REMINDED you that you had thought of being Arwen. I reinforced your idea.:-) 'Cause you were thinking about being a woodland fairy.
Of course evrybody thinks we are weird. Why wouldn't they, I ask you???
Are you guys going to come over for dinner this week?????? *makes cute face*

Oh, thank you, Jessica. I just made it (the crown) out a medium weight wire, and wove in a few beads. It wasn't hard at all! Quite fun to make.
Hey, Sashy, was I the one who found the pattern for you, or did you already know about that one?

Hey, we had TWENTY kids at church today. And we were at the J.'s house. The teensy weensy house. With a TON of people. The H.'s came. The Ed and Beth ones. :-)

Emmy said...

Sashy, you should make a post 'splainin' all our strange nicknames. Then they won't just think we're strange...they'll KNOW we're strange.

Ashley said...

Emmy, you beat me to tellin Lady Jess about Reformation Day! You silly. *sticks tongue out at YOU* Nope, twas the fourth, cause you commented on another post once. :-)! I think we will come. I will call when I know for sure. I all ready thought about doing a post about all our nicknames! :-) The H.'s came to our church in September. Only once though. There was just us normal kids at church today. Let's see, 19 of us. Plus Ava, who's not born yet. :-) In January we will have 20 kids. Yay! I like even numbers. I is weird. You already know that though. You are weird too. But you know that too. *big grin* I already knew about the pattern. It has been a favorite of mine for a long time.